Top Virtual Reality Trends to Look Out for

The global market of virtual reality and its applications is on the rise. As per a study, the virtual reality market across the globe is expected to reach the count of $26.89 billion by 2022. With 2017 being a pivotal year for the rise of highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technologies and applications, it is not far away for the virtual reality technology to become mainstream anytime soon. As you would observe the trajectory of the ever-expanding VR industry in the past few years, it becomes clear of what exactly lies ahead.

With assumptions of the VR industry growing only stronger in the upcoming times, here are some latest VR trends to look out for:

  • More 360o VR Videos: As per a recent study, it was revealed that the high-tech 360o VR-based videos received a whopping engagement in 2017 in comparison to the normal content and videos. This study was based on the data obtained from the analysis of the number of video clicks, completion, and the overall engagement by the users across the globe. The study also revealed that in addition to the fact that leading brands across the world making use of the high-end 360o VR-based videos more often now, the overall quality of the video content has also improved rapidly.
  • Increased VR Adoption in Advertising: We already have seen instances of the leading brands around the world making use of the state-of-the-art VR technology in major advertising strategies. Last year itself, Google made the announcement of its continuous experiments with VR-based ads that would react to the eyes of the users. While this is just a smaller portion of the adoption of the VR technology in advertising, you can observe more such advancements in the global marketing and advertising scenario with the help of Virtual Reality.
  • Increase in the Number of VR Developers: There is no denying the fact that the growth of any industry is only able to commensurate with the available talent or skills in the given industry. As the VR industry is poised for increased exponential growth in the coming times, you can observe a steep rise in the number of growing talents in the respective field. With the number of VR developers on the rise, there is no stopping the high-end VR technology from spreading its outreach in almost all domains of the current global marketplace.
  • Increased Immersive Experience: In fact, one of the most vital facts is that in the coming times, the VR technology is expected to make things appear more real. In other words, it can be said that its advancements would only lead to delivering more immersive experiences to the end users. This will enhance the overall experience of the users with the different VR technologies including sound, sight, feel, touch, and so more.

The VR technology is on the rise like never before. With these latest trends, you can only expect a more fulfilling experience with the cutting-edge VR technology!